MO House Bans Lobbyist Gift-Giving. Up to MO Senate to Defend Bribery Again.

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For the second year in a row, the Missouri House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed a legislative ban on lobbyist gift-giving. If passed into law, Missouri would become the 36th state to restrict lobbyist gift-giving.

Now the bill (HB60) heads to the Missouri Senate where similar legislation died a painful death.

Missouri is currently only one of 15 states with no limits on lobbyist gift-giving. Somehow, such a distinction was acceptable to a majority of Missouri Senators last year.

Will 2017 different?  Or will the Missouri Senate once again be the lone defender of lobbyist bribery and actions so blatantly in conflict with the Missouri legislative oath of office.

Take the high road for once, Missouri Senate. Finally say no to bribery, and yes to your oath.