About This Site

Our Mission

Missourians for Government Reform (MoReform) is a non-partisan organization dedicated to improving our political system.  We believe that fundamental reform in some areas of our government is necessary to restore trust in our republic, to keep public officials truly accountable, and to create the public policy the people need and deserve.  Too much power resides outside of the control of average citizens.  MoReform wants to change this.


Our Emphasis

Our primary emphasis will be upon reforming Missouri state government.  But we also want to attain necessary change on the national level, as well.  We will do this by encouraging open discussion of ways to fundamentally reform our government.  Our platform for such discussion will be the Missourians for Government Reform website at www.MoReform.org AND the MoReform Facebook page.


Our Plan

We are convinced that too many Americans have disconnected themselves from political debate. This is partly due to their frustration in government.  To bring Americans back, we need to reform the relationship between the government and the governed; we need government people can have confidence in.   We can begin to do this by encouraging frank and open discussion about what needs reform and how such reform can be accomplished.   Our plan is to grow into a trusted entity that provides an independent voice for those who want better government. This will transform us into a force our political leaders will be compelled to recognize.

Our plan is to also become a place where we can “celebrate” serious efforts at political reform – particularly in efforts at empowering the average citizen.   There are several outstanding organizations currently in existence devoted to reforming our national political culture – in general, or in some particular aspect.  Two of the more bold national efforts are of particular interest to us: “No Labels” and “Rootstrikers.”   Much of our mission at MoReform will piggyback upon the efforts of these and other ambitious national movements.

What do we mean by “reform?”

We want the discussion to focus upon changing the institutions in which policy is crafted and the ways in which politics is conducted.  There are plenty of places on the internet to comment on an election result, or a vote in the Missouri Senate, or a decision by a court.  This is not one of those places.  But if you want to comment on how elections are conducted, or how legislatures are organized, or how judges are selected, this is your forum.  


This will also be a place to discuss significant reforms in public policy.  Want to complain about your Social Security check? Don’t come here.  Want to discuss the possibility of privatizing Social Security?  This is the place.  Don’t like your private health insurer?  We’re not interested.  Think our government needs to fundamentally reform the delivery of health care?  Here’s the place to discuss it.


Our list of commonly discussed topics – statewide and national – will grow.  But of central significance will be the two areas where many of us see the greatest need for action: ethics reform and election reform. Without ethical leadership, the people will continue to stay away.  Without fair campaigns and elections, public officials will remain unaccountable to the people.


What we are not

Missourians for Government Reform is not partisan.  Nor is it a political action committee or a continuing committee.  This site will not be used to financially support candidates for office nor will it be used to financially support political parties or other entities that support candidates for office.



Though we do not play the campaign finance game, we do accept donations. Rest assured, all donations will go toward paying for website hosting and advertisement of the website.  All revenue generated by ads on the website will go directly to pay for website hosting.


One Last Point….

Be patient with the site.  Our hope is that this will become a spot in cyberspace that many will regularly visit and participate.  Our emphasis will be upon Missouri government.  But we encourage discussion on national reform issues, too.  We want the discussion to be about issues of fundamental political reform.  Where do we need it?  Why do we need it?  How can we achieve it? We don’t want this to become a free-for-all site for all things political.  Therefore, we reserve the right to limit discussion to that which the editors feel addresses the site’s mission: fundamental reform in the way Jefferson City and Washington D.C. does business.