New Mexico: Outrageous, But Still More Ethical Than Missouri

Part 4 of our look at states more ethical than Missouri looks at New Mexico.  New Mexico law states:

“A lobbyist registered with the secretary of state, the lobbyist’s employer or a government contractor shall not donate gifts of an aggregate market value greater than one thousand dollars ($1,000) in a calendar year to any one state officer or employee or to any one candidate for state office.”

New Mexico is one of 23 states that limit the gifts that lobbyists can give to legislators.  It is one of 12 states that uses an annual limit.  $1000 is as high as any state goes.

Though far from ideal, it is still better than Missouri’s LIMITLESS restrictions on lobbyist gifts.

Take a look at the data compiled by St. Louis Public Radio here:

Note how many of our lawmakers would be in violation of these New Mexico limits.  What New Mexico has is not great.  But at least they understand the problem.  In Missouri, the problem isn’t even acknowledged.

Encourage your state representatives to sign the Gift-Ban Pledge and to support gift-giving restriction legislation.