Cold, Mitten-Shaped, and More Ethical Than Missouri

Part 7 of our 36-part series looks at Michigan.  Michigan law states:

“A public officer or employee shall not solicit or accept a gift or loan of money, goods, services, or other thing of value for the benefit of a person or organization, other than the state, which tends to influence the manner in which the public officer or employee or another public officer or employee performs official duties.”

Michigan law then states that:

“’Gift’ means a payment, advance, forbearance, or the rendering or deposit of money, services, or anything of value, the value of which exceeds $25.00 in any 1-month period.”


Michigan joins 22 other states in allowing gifts from lobbyists to lawmakers but only up to a certain monetary limit.   Michigan is one of only two “Bright Line” states (Nebraska is the other) that define their gift-giving limit per month (the other states with limits place the limit on the individual gift or look at the cumulative total per year or per day).


Gifts under $25 can’t be too extravagant.  Thus, Michigan essentially admits that there is something that expensive gifts can buy.  More importantly, Michigan understands how it looks when those with business in the state buy their way into the statehouse.

Most states get it.  When will Missouri?

Support the Gift-Ban Pledge and legislation to limit lobbyist gift-giving in Missouri.