Everything is Bigger in Texas. Including Laws on Gift Giving

Part 9 of our 36-part series on States (and one Congress) more ethical than Missouri looks at the Lone-Star State.

Texas law states:

“A lobbyist may provide one or more gifts to a state officer or state employee, or to immediate family or guests invited by a state officer or employee, up to a maximum expenditure total of $500 per officer, employee, immediate family, or guest during a calendar year.”

Texas is one of 23 states with limits on gifts from lobbyists.  These are known as “Bright Line” states since they allow some gift-giving but they draw a “line” over which gifts are considered in violation of ethics laws.  Texas is one of 13 states that draw the line on gifts during a calendar year.

Texas isn’t known for ethics laws.  But even they see the need to limit the influence that lobbyists try to buy with gifts.

When will Missouri?

Support the Missouri Gift-Ban Pledge and legislation limiting gifts from lobbyists.