Home to the Original Tea Party is Also Home to the Strictest Laws on Lobbyist Gift-Giving

Part 11 of our 36-part series looks at Massachusetts.  Often held up as a model for states with zero-tolerance for lobbyist gift-giving, Massachusetts state law reads:

“Notwithstanding the provisions of any general or special law to the contrary, no executive or legislative agent shall knowingly offer or knowingly give to any public official or public employee, as defined in section one of chapter two hundred and sixty-eight B, or to a member of such person’s immediate family any gift, as defined in said section one of said chapter two hundred and sixty-eight B, of any kind or nature, nor knowingly pay for any meal, beverage, or other item to be consumed by such public official or employee, whether or not such gift or meal, beverage or other item to be consumed is offered, given or paid for in the course of such agent’s business or in connection with a personal or social event.”

Complicated and convoluted – but effective!  Massachusetts joins 13 other states with no tolerance for lobbyists looking to buy influence in the state legislature with gifts.

Lawmakers get a salary.  In Massachusetts, that’s enough.  Anything more is unethical breech of the public’s trust.

Massachusetts gets it.  When will Missouri?

Support the Missouri Gift-Ban Pledge and legislation to regulate lobbyist gift-giving.