Wisconsin: Beer, Brat, and a Ban on Lobbyist Gift-Giving

Part 12 of our 36-part look at states (and one Congress) more ethical than Missouri looks at fellow mid-western state, Wisconsin.

State law reads:

“No lobbyist may: furnish to any agency official or legislative employee of the state or to any elective state official or candidate for an elective state office, or to the official’s, employee’s or candidate’s personal campaign committee:

1. Lodging
2. Transportation
3. Food, meals, beverages, money or any other thing of pecuniary value.”

Short.  Sweet.  And beautifully effective.  Wisconsin’s regulation of lobbyist gift-giving is often referenced as a model for other states.

In Wisconsin, lobbyists are seen as possessing power with the potential to corrupt the process.  To protect a process the citizens of the state need to trust, state law limits the lobbyist’s power to that of information.

Lobbyist gift-giving is seen as nothing more than a perversion of the democratic system.  Wisconsin gets it.  When will Missouri?

Support the Missouri Gift-Ban Pledge and legislation regulating lobbyist gift-giving.