Who Can Turn the World On With Their Ethics? It Sure Ain’t Missouri.

Part 16 of our 36-part series on 35 states and one Congress more ethical than Missouri, looks at Minnesota.  Like their Midwestern neighbor Wisconsin, Minnesota law on lobbyist gift-giving is usually held up as a model for other ethically minded states.

State law reads:

“A lobbyist or principal may not give a gift or request another to give a gift to an official. An official may not accept a gift from a lobbyist or principal.”

Crisp.  Clean. Beautiful in its simplicity.  Truly doing the Midwest proud.  The only exceptions to this rule that are allowed in law are inexpensive means (under $10) and awards, citations, and plaques.

This makes Minnesota one of 12 states with a ZERO TOLERANCE for lobbyist gift-giving.  This limit applies not only to elected lawmakers, but to ALL state officials in either of the tree branches of state government.

Minnesota understands that perception is often the only reality that matters.  And no one can hold a legitimate sense of pride in a system that looks for sale to lobbyists and their principals.

Minnesota gets it.  When will Missouri?

Support the Missouri Gift-Ban Pledge and legislation limiting lobbyist gift-giving.