Maybe We Need to Redefine “Backward”

Part 17 of our 36-Part Series on the 35 states and one Congress more ethical than Missouri looks at South Carolina.  Admittedly, this is a state not know for its best practices.  Nor for its ethics.  But when compared to Missouri, maybe it should.

State law reads:

“A member of the General Assembly, the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, any other statewide constitutional officer, any public official of any state agency who engaged in covered agency actions, or any of their employees shall not solicit or receive from a lobbyist or a person acting on behalf of a lobbyist any of the following: (1) lodging; (2) transportation; (3) entertainment; (4) food, meals, beverages, money, or any other thing of value.”

Clearly, the good people of South Carolina see something wrong in their lawmakers accepting gifts – even meals – from lobbyists.  South Carolina has problems.  But clearly when it comes to this ethical question, they’re not as backward as we think.

Missouri on the other hand is still clearly blind to this problem.  If South Carolina can see it and you can’t, there is something wrong with your perception.

Support the Missouri Gift-Ban Pledge and legislation regulating lobbyist gift-giving.