Goober Pyle Lives in a State with a Legislature More Ethical Than Missouri’s

Part 19 of our 36-Part Series: “35 States and One Congress More Ethical Than Missouri” looks at Mayberry.

North Carolina law states:

“Gifts by lobbyists and lobbyist principals prohibited. No lobbyist or lobbyist principal may do any of the following: (1) Knowingly give a gift to a designated individual. (2) Knowingly give a gift with the intent that a designated individual be an ultimate recipient.”

Designated individuals” include state legislators.  Exceptions are provided for meals at meetings (when consumed immediately), awards, and citations.

It’s short.  Sweet.  And like so many states we’ve already looked at, it clearly is written with the understanding that lobbyists have something to gain with a gift.  Moreover, the implication is clear that it would be irresponsible of the state to allow such a practice to occur.

That’s North Carolina.  Missouri, however, exists in a different universe where up is down, black is white, and lobbyist gifts are innocent.

North Carolina and 34 other states understand the problem.  When will Missouri?

Support the Missouri Gift-Ban Pledge and legislation regulating lobbyist gift-giving.