Big Sky, Old Faithful, and Pretty Decent Restrictions on Lobbyist Gift-Giving

Part 25 of our 36-part series “35 States and One Congress More Ethical Than Missouri” looks at Montana.

Montana law states:

“A public officer, legislator, or public employee may not: accept a gift of substantial value or a substantial economic benefit tantamount to a gift: (i) that would tend improperly to influence a reasonable person in the person’s position to depart from the faithful and impartial discharge of the person’s public duties; or (ii) that the person knows or that a reasonable person in that position should know under the circumstances is primarily for the purpose of rewarding the person for official action taken.”

Montana law defines gifts of “substantial value” as anything more than $250 in value.  Montana thus is one of 23 states that allow lobbyist gift-giving up to a specific amount.  Montana is one of seven states to place the limit on the specific value of each individual gift.

Though not ideal, it is still better than the lawlessness of Missouri where lobbyists can shower lawmakers with unlimited amounts of gifts.

Montana understands the problem.  When will Missouri?

Support the Missouri Gift-Ban Pledge and legislation regulating gifts from lobbyists.